Department of medical waste disinfection

Medico-Innovation Technologies

Safe management of medical waste is fundamental to providing high-quality, people-centred healthcare, as well as protecting patients and staff, and protecting the environment. Decontamination of medical waste remains one of the most serious problems for the population and the environment (WHO).


Medical Innovative Technologies  offers the creation of a turnkey department for the disinfection of medical waste using steam sterilization and decontamination of decontaminated waste on the basis of the areas available to the medical organization, or in a prefabricated module in case of shortage of premises and the need for major repairs.


The method of steam sterilization is actively used in Europe and the USA and has been identified by the UN as a priority for the disposal of medical waste, which allows you to qualitatively, reliably and safely transfer hazardous and infectious waste into general waste,which is considered as epidemiologically safe. Combined action of saturated steam and high temperatures (134°C) destroys microorganisms.

Decontamination stages

  1. Collection of hazardous and infectios medical waste in the divisions of a medical organization.

  2. Sterilization with saturated steam at high pressure and temperature (134°C).

  3. Mechanical destructuring (grinding) of solid disinfected waste in order to reduce the volume and to eliminate the risk of reuse and their identification.

  4. Collection of epidemiologically safe-general medical waste into containers for municipal solid waste for further transportation to a specialized landfill.

Advantages of the technology

  • Compliance with international recommendations: “for the treatment of infectious waste, it is preferable to decontaminate with steam (for example, in an autoclave) or use other technologies that do not entail incineration” (United Nations Environment Program - UNEP, 2003);

  • Compliance with regulatory requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan*: hazardous medical waste is subject to mandatory disposal by physical or chemical methods at a healthcare facility, export of non-decontaminated hazardous medical waste outside the territory of the organization is not allowed, incineration of hazardous and infectious medical waste o on the territory of medical organizations outside of specialized facilities is prohibited;

  • Reliability and safety: disinfection is carried out in a walk-through autoclave, i.e. contact of the infected material with the sterile is excluded; mechanical destructuring (grinding or pressing) is carried out only after the disinfection of waste, preventing the spread of infection by air;

  • Prevention of the spread of infection: decontamination of infected medical waste is carried out in a specially equipped unit on the territory of the medical organization at the place of their formation, which reduces the risk of the spread of infections both within the medical organization and outside it;

  • Economic efficiency of the method: the cost of exporting hazardous and infectious medical waste outside the medical organization is reduced due to sterilization and transferring them to general waste of a smaller volume.

Legal and regulatory framework

  • Sanitary rules "Sanitary and epidemiological requirements for healthcare facilities" (Order of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated August 11, 2020 No. ҚР ДСМ-96/2020);

  • Sanitary rules "Sanitary and epidemiological requirements for the collection, use, application, disposal, transportation, storage and disposal of production and consumption waste" (Order of the Acting Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated December 25, 2020 No. ҚР ДСМ-331/2020).

Department equipment

  • Pass-Through Sterilizer – Sterilization chamber volume ranges from 73 to 1,490 liters;

  • Waste shreder;

  • and other accessories.

Pass-Through Sterilizer

Water treatment system

Apparatus for grinding small waste

Our partner in solving the problems of decontamination of hazardous and infectious medical waste  - BMT Medical Technology s.r.o. - is a world leader in the production of sterilization equipment.


The products of BMT Medical Technology s.r.o. comply with the international quality and safety requirements of JCI (Joint Commission International).

Licenses / Patents

Stages of project development

Analysis of structural subdivisions - sources of generation of medical waste of class B and C, their volume per day, storage places, internal logistics and removal of medical waste, premises for placing the medical waste decontamination department and utilities;
Medical and technological design, taking into account all sanitary and other regulatory requirements;
Carrying out repair or construction work;
Complex equipment (through-type sterilizer, water treatment system, waste shredder and other auxiliary equipment);
Conducting induction training for staff;
Warranty and post-warranty maintenance.
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